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The Love Month

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

February is known as the “love” month. It is the month when individuals share romantic

and relationship love on a higher level. Often even familial relationships get extra

attention. Statistics show an extreme increase in gift buying, vacation, and dinner

reservations. All these things are amazing and appreciated, yet are not absolute,

definitive proof of love. Far too many people go home from these outings feeling empty,

unloved, and having little to no sense of being loved.


February’s birthstone is Amethyst. Not only is the Amethyst crystal one of the most

enticing to look at in its purest form, but it is a symbol of love, pureness, and harmony.

Its spiritual (not religious) meaning is groundedness; tranquility and calm.

This month I want you to see yourself this way. As you learn and unlearn; release and

connect, you will begin to find yourself walking out your life Journey in harmony with

yourself and others, being a visible symbol of love. Exhale and relax.

One of the things that intrigue me about the Amethyst crystal is that it will never sparkle

like a diamond because it was not designed to. Yet, in its way and with its

divine purpose, it manifests a unique beauty. Just like you! You were not created and designed to be like anyone else. No matter how beautiful and impressive you see them as. BE YOURSELF. Show us YOUR shine.


Millions of people suffer mental health crises this month as they feel

alone and isolated during this “love” month, due to the lack of a “significant other” in their

life. This month, I want to remind each of you to focus on the greatest expression of love

an individual can have and that is “self-love.” I’m not referring to manicures, pedicures,

massages, taking yourself out to dinner and a movie, etc. I’m referring to the strong

level of affection that you have for yourself. The intensely focused purpose that drives

you to accept the awesome person that you are and pursue your happiness,

foremost. Girlfriend, one of the most important gifts that you can give yourself is a foundation upon which you ascend to the highest and healthiest version of yourself. It is a necessity for each of us. We cannot lead a productive and successful life if we do not accept

ourselves, value ourselves, and demand and expect the same from others. Standing firm on

the foundation of self-love, we grow forward. Commit to love and love yourself more. Make yourself your #1 priority. Set aside “me time” and follow through with it. Refresh that dream and start living it. Revisit that vision and manifest it. We are waiting for YOU to reveal the lovely version of yourself.

Let’s go, Girlfriend!

Your GIRLfrien Resident Blogger | Founder A Mothers Cry: Jamesina Greene

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1 Comment

Jan 22, 2023

Great read Jami! I hope all of the girlfriends continue to make themselves their number one priority and become the best version of themselves that they could ever reach. Peace and Love!

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