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Regenerated Rising

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

As we enter the month of August, we are reminded that it is the 8 th month of the

Calendar year. In addition, we are mindful that #8 stands for new beginnings and

our approach to new horizons. As we prepare for August, we experience new levels of

hope, peace, personal balance, and unity. Our days are filled with creative risings and

innovative initiatives. Our spirits lift and the excitement for new adventures is palpable.

Although we are excited about these creative risings and new adventures, we often

experience hesitancy and some trepidation as we face the new territory. Yet, we push

on because we have learned that it is here in this place of regenerated rising that we

are exposed to the divine disruptions and ideas that shift and prepare us for what is


Every August I think of the familiar adage, “As a phoenix, rising from the ashes”

which signifies renewal, refocusing, and refined insight and status. It means that we

emerge from a devastating situation renewed, revitalized, or reborn. In mythology, the

Phoenix is associated with the sun, and it obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its

predecessor. Like that Phoenix, each of us has had experiences that crushed us to the

point where we felt destroyed. Yet, we rose and continued forward! For example,

someone has said, “After my business went bankrupt, I vowed to rise like a phoenix

from the ashes and build again.” Lessons are learned. Divine connections are made.

Our vision becomes clearer. And still, we rise! Ask yourself, “What have I learned from

my low place? Do I use these lessons as testimonies? Am I holding onto that place

because I fear releasing it?”

When I think of rising, I think of the place from which I have processed to a

higher realm. I understand the balance needed to retain the lessons I have learned by

carrying them forward as I produce new ideas and concepts. I allow the dormant traits

within me to rise up and manifest. I refuse to be silenced and manipulated. In my rising,

I found my voice and I have become a voice. This month, I will discover even more

ways to be that voice.

This month, we are going forward with regenerated rising. We are releasing the

feelings of failure and we are no longer seeing ourselves in our previous state of

existence. We are not ignoring and pretending that the burning of ashes did not happen,

but we are building from those ashes. Honestly view what has hindered your rising and

confront it. Commit to a minimum of two ways to exhibit your regenerated rising. Be

seen. Be heard. You can do this. You have within you the power to RISE UP!

Regenerated Rising is your call to action! The world needs what you have to

offer. There are individuals waiting for your return from the ashes with power and fire.

Let’s go!

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