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From Formulation to Fruition

The word September is based on the Latin septem ~ meaning “seven” and is the ninth

Month of the year. In multiple studies, the number seven stands for completeness and

perfection. In addition, September is known as the “birthing month” and is the month

that exemplifies the transition between drastic natural occurrences in the seasons.

During the month of September, we will further focus, with intent and deliberation, on

bringing to fruition the things that we have previously conceptualized and have been

carrying in our spirits. In doing so, we magnify the importance and life-altering power

that we possess. We are releasing these things that we have formulated and bringing

them to fruition.

Here at the beginning of September, I admonish you to set aside some sacred time in a

sacred space and think of those things that have formed in the womb of your soul.

Concentrate wholly on them. Visualize them on paper and in your mind’s eye. Speak

them out loud and write them down. What are some of those things that you are

carrying? Are you ready to push them out and onward? Have you identified your

motivation for bringing them to fruition? Is it your family? Is it your finances? Is it your

spiritual growth and fulfillment?

Individually and collectively, we have moved beyond the point where we will allow

ourselves or the opinions of others to abort our visions and plans. Joining in the bond of

sisterhood, we give birth, despite the discomfort we may experience as we push.

Together we acknowledge and recognize the challenges of our birthing, yet we continue

to do so. Having experienced divorce; death; previous miscarriages; bad family

relationships; exposure of fake friends, etc., we will not stop pushing. Readying

ourselves as things shift and readjust, we are in a position to travel. We have endured the

process of fulfilling our purpose to this point and we are ready. Understanding that our

purpose carries us on to our delivery.

Jamesina E. Greene

Founder & President, “A Mother’s Cry”

Hostess, “Let’s Talk Destne Talk Show”

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