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The Special Bond of Sisterhood: Lorna “L.A.” Lewis

I grew up feeling like I had everything I could ever wish for, well, almost everything. The one

thing that was missing, the thing I truly yearned for, was a sister. I longed for a confidante with whom I could sprawl across the bed and chatter endlessly about boys. Someone to exchange clothes with and offer advice on all things girl-related. It wanted what I saw on television—a fantasy of sisterhood.

As I matured and gained more wisdom, I came to a profound realization: I had the sisters I had yearned for all along. No, they didn't share the same household with me, and no, we didn't share the same DNA, but we shared something far more enduring—a sisterhood. A bond that binds us together for life. Some of these remarkable women I call cousins, while others I consider lifelong friends, but above all, I call them sisters because that's what our relationship has evolved into.

Through the trials and tribulations of life, my sisters have consistently been there. In my

moments of despair when my parents passed away, my sisters were there. When I faced the

unimaginable loss of my daughter, they stood by my side. Throughout my life, my sisters and I have shared tears and laughter in equal measure. They are individuals I trust with my children, my husband, and even my most guarded secrets.

A life without sisterhood is unimaginable to me. Not just any sisterhood but the one I have been fortunate enough to experience. We may not talk every day, and for some, not every month, but what we have is unshakable. Our bond thrives even in the absence of constant communication.

In my view, there are several essential ingredients that brighten a woman's life: good health, good food, good companionship, and, of course, at the very top of that list, good friends who become sisters. A relationship that offers a sense of belonging, support, and love that enriches our lives beyond measure.

Author Lorna Lewis, Writer

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