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Free to Be Me ~ Purpose-Driven Freedom

One of my greatest life achievements has been finding my Voice and the Freedom to

use it. For most of my life, I have been identified mostly by my bloodline and

connections, seldom as just myself.

A few years ago, I had one of many life-changing experiences. This experience opened

my eyes to the power of personal freedom. I saw a beautiful butterfly appearing to be

flapping its wings near a window, but the butterfly was not going anywhere. It was not

making any progress in what appeared to be an attempt to fly away. To be free.

Thinking that maybe it was stuck and needed some assistance, I slowly made my way

over to where the butterfly was and tried shooing it away. However, even though the

wings kept flapping, the butterfly still did not move from that spot. After watching it for

some time, I went back inside, thinking that maybe if I left it alone, it would do what it

was designed and purposed to do, FLY!

Days passed and I thought no more about this butterfly. The next time that I went out on

the porch, I noticed that this butterfly was still sitting in the window, but there appeared

to be no movement. Slowly, I went to the window and reached out to the butterfly. It was

dead. I immediately felt sad. Sad because I thought about after having lived through the

trauma of its transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly, this butterfly did not live to

experience the next phase of its purpose as a beautiful, breath-taking butterfly. I never

figured out specifically what happened to the butterfly, but I often think of this

experience when I encounter people who are stuck, bound, and not free to fulfill their


On my Journey to personal freedom, I have learned to appreciate each and every step.

To embrace and learn the lessons. I have learned when to free myself from others and

their restraints. I have learned that I possess a strength that carries me forward like a

strong wind. And I believe that if you look hard enough, you will find that you too

possess that strength. As you learn and accept who you really are, your true history and

Purpose, you will become emancipated from the restraints and controls of others. You

will no longer accept the bondage of their beliefs and manipulative influences.

Free yourself! Open your soul to experience intrinsic freedom that transcends all

external conditions and circumstances. Free yourself! Refuse to be restricted in your

mind, your body, and your spirit. Be free to be happy. Be free to be loved and loving. Be

free to be YOU!

When you reach this place of " Purpose-Driven Freedom" you will acknowledge and

accept that you will not fit in everywhere with everyone. You will not be celebrated in all

places. Avoid those people and places. Be free!

Jamesina Greene

A Mother's Cry

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