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May We See You!


As with most months on our calendar, May is a month that prompts us to be

aware of and informed about a multitude of things and statuses that impact our daily

lives. Even if we are not personally or directly impacted by the Cause, we should be

knowledgeable and caring. I always say that being informed is paramount to a

successful life. It is highly likely that each of us knows someone whose life is affected by

several, if not all, of the Causes on the list.


The Month of May points us towards appreciation for the gift of Motherhood;

Mental Health Awareness; National Foster Care; Lupus Awareness Month and so many

others. This month, I am encouraging us individually and as a community to take the

time to be intentional about our observation of these vitally important Causes. Let us

examine them in a different way, not just view the list in an expeditiously haphazardly

manner. Let us examine them with our eyes and with our hearts. Let us absorb the

information and its purpose and be enlightened. Then, let us respond with deeds and

actions that promote and advance the Cause. Let us do more than talk about it, let us

be about it! Select a Cause and get involved in advocating for it. Take time to talk with

someone who is dealing with the Cause that you selected and receive information that

will help you to understand it better. These conversations will help you to be more

sympathetic and empathetic. No matter how small or large your contribution seems to

you, you are helping to change a life.


As we celebrate Mothers, who are the carriers and barriers of life, we must also

remember that their divineness comes with wombs that carry and birth offspring that

possess a myriad of blessings but also those with challenges. Some are born with

diseases and disorders that force them to need special care and love that impacts

their quality of life. Others develop things later in life that change the whole trajectory of

their life. Nonetheless, neither is more important than the other. Let us honor the mother

by caring about and for her children. Whether we are addressing physical health or

mental health, it all matters. We want to achieve wholeness in every area of our being.

Unity and advocacy are essential keys to the forward movement of the human

experience. Understand this, the only race is the “human” race, and it is crucial that we

link our arms and assist each other through our challenges. Life with its diversified

exploits and adventures can be so rewarding if we allow it to be.

Happy May, Girlfriends!

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