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A Month Dedicated To Celebrating Women.

While women, in my opinion, should always be celebrated, it has not always been that way.

See, before many of us were born there were women fighting on our behalf to have equal

rights across the board. Many women were given a fair chance with voting, working some of

the same jobs as men, and being able to truly have a voice. I am thankful for the changes

because now we see many women dominating the boardrooms, politics, our families, and

business. Women have truly taken back their place and have shown that we are just as capable as anyone else. I am thankful that women are finally getting the recognition that they deserve.

In the group, we have mothers, wives, mentors, business owners, and so much more. Daily, we see where women wear so many hats and most of the time, you hardly hear them complain. Women must step up sometimes, even when they may not feel up to it. Someone has to get the children prepared for school, ensuring they are fed and cleaned. Women have to ensure their housework is completed and ensure their husbands and family are taken care of. Women have to ensure that business affairs are taken care of. Women oversee scheduling, shopping, and doctor appointments, ensuring everything that needs to be handled daily is handled. Women truly are the epitome of strength and doing what needs to be done.

I am thankful to be named amongst you amazing women and I want women all around the

world to know that we celebrate you all year long and not just this month. Women may you

continue to walk with integrity and grace no matter which hat you have to wear throughout the day.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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